Sapphire Anastasia (Sherman)

20 year old journalist, photographer and videographer (they/them)

Sophie Walker: Publicist by day, music journo by night

Originating from a small village on the outskirts of Scunthorpe, Sophie Walker has made a name for herself in the big city with freelance positions at some of the UK’s biggest names alongside being an associate editor for Line of Best Fit, and a music publicist at Brace Yourself PR.

Sophie Walker (she/her) is a 22-year-old freelance journalist and music publicist thriving in London. With interviews with some of today’s biggest names under her belt, including Paramore, John Legend and black midi

Falling in love with modern crochet

In March 2020, we found ourselves in isolation. Confined to our houses with nothing else to do but let the creative juices flow, millions of people around the world started crocheting and the art form faced a boom in popularity.

After knitting several scarves, one of which was five feet long, I was bored of the repetition and searching for something different to do. One day while sifting through TikTok, a tutorial for a hat with cat ears popped up. Thinking it was very cool, I set out to make i

Gyratory - Leeds' Queer Apocalyptic Disco

When you start to explore the queer scene in Leeds, you think of Viaduct, Fibre and New Penny. But when you dive in a bit deeper, you might find Gyratory. A queer futuristic disco run by DJ Weakings, DJ Phantom Phallus and infamous Leeds drag artist, Barb D’Wyer.

With a recommended dress code of construction-core, retrofuturism and fembots, the dance floor was filled with the most glamorous individuals you’ll ever set eyes on.

Barb D’Wyer was a disco ball come to life in the campest, most extr

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